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Slate Swim designs are minimalist, subtly sexy, and cut to flatter every curve. Our range is created with a vision of swimwear basics, leveled up.

The first design was sketched in October 2015... By the end of the year Slate Swim began filling the gap in the swimwear industry, offering swimwear staples at an elevated design level.

While we have been the go-to for timeless, sleek swimwear, we are continuing to evolve season after season. Follow along with us as we bring you fresh ideas and your favorite staples.


We source luxe, swimwear spandex for our classic fabric. This fabric was created with you in mind, as it hugs your curves and lays smooth over your body. 

Our fabric is buttery-soft and has high-elasticity (as it easily stretches across a few sizes) keeping you comfortable and confident. It is created to spring back into place, never stretching out. While we always keep our classic fabric coming, we like to experiment with innovative, new textures so keep an eye out!

Visit our FAQs to learn how to best take care of your suit + each order comes with a care card so you can keep your suit looking brand new!

People tell you when you want to start a brand, or whatever your dream is, chances are one in a million... I always believed I was that ONE.

I was born first generation, Taiwanese-American in Texas. From a young age, I pursued fashion knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I started learning how to sketch and sew, then went on to win fashion competitions across the state. FIDM brought me to California, the place I had always dreamed of living, once I was ready to pursue my dreams on a larger scale.

After graduating fashion school, I worked in the industry in LA as a fashion designer and a buyer. The goal was to learn as much as I could hands-on and ultimately launch my own brand. In less than 2 years, I left the fashion industry and launched Slate Swim at 21.

Over the years, I've chosen to grow my brand organically, and stay authentic to my vision for Slate Swim. Each design is a piece of me; always growing and evolving, rooted in original style.

Thank you for joining me in bringing Slate Swim to life.

- Jessica Liao // CEO // Designer

Cute knotted bandeau bikini top in nude
Classic, timeless swimwear for the beach and travel