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Here at SLATE, we are committed to long term sustainability in our products and business practices. We promise to continually make conscious efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and protect our natural world.

It is our responsibility as a business to strive for the best social and environmental safety for our generation and future generations to come. We will continue to learn and grow as we commit to critical change.






Our swimwear is created with longevity in mind. We design our styles to be classic and timeless, withstanding seasons and trends. SLATE SWIM is founded on slow fashion: this process encourages intentional design, ensures quality garments, and slower production schedules. All of our collections are made in limited quantities, effectively minimizing waste. We do not overproduce in order for items to never end up in landfills. With proper care (instructions provided with each order), our fabric will last you countless wears.



SLATE SWIM is proud to partner with a production team that parallels our values. Our factory is a small, family owned business that is founded on ethical work practices, ensuring a safe and positive work environment with equal and fair pay. Our incredible production team is breaking the stereotype of overseas manufacturing and we are so proud to have grown together over the years, from the ground up. Your shopping supports our intentions to help small businesses thrive.



We are now excited to share that orders will begin shipping in mailers made from 100% post-consumer waste. We have made the commitment to use packaging that is not only made from recycled goods, but also created for reuse/to be recycled. Our polymailers are an alternative to mass-produced, harmful, synthetic mailers. Our paper goods (thank you and care cards) are now all made from recycled paper as well!



SLATE SWIM is determined to continue researching and implementing change in our business practices and products. We will work towards consistency in creating a net positive future for our planet's sustainability.